Block B – It was Love, A Few Years Later, Toy

Block B Sweeps Online Music Charts With Title Track “Toy”

All these songs have the power to make you fall in love with it before anyone even utters a single sound and once they start singing, Lord have mercy. My favourite out of this album is definitely ‘It was Love’ this song made me fall in love with Block B whilst killing me at the same time.

Toy had me wrapped around its fingers within the first 10 seconds the lyrics perfectly illustrates the feeling we get when our crushes have us wrapped around their fingers and we’re fully in their control.

After listening to this Album I am definitely stanning Block B.

BTOB – Remember That

Update: BTOB Releases New Teasers for Comeback

The title track – Remember That is the perfect song to start your Spring with. Since BtoB made their comeback in March 28th I have been listening to this song non-stop. As always BtoB has voices that can melt anyone into a puddle of goo. The feeling the song gives completely  matches with the lyrics. It gives you a sad but hopeful feel, it’s like the fresh air you feel early in the morning that charges you up and gives you energy to look forward for today and tomorrow even though the past was hard.

At first when I heard it I didn’t think it was as good as their last title track ‘It’s Okay’ but nek minut I found myself replaying this song over and over again, I am full on addicted to it. I fully recommend their album, BtoB is in my opinion so underrated

Casker – 산(Mountain)

The first two, I’m sure you’ve already knew the songs or groups before I mentioned. Casker is a Korean indie group that made me love indie. The song makes you feel like you’re drifting through the air. Although this song is not new, I am totally obsessed and in love with it.

I hope you liked my song suggestions, if you have any for me, please comment down below, I am all ears!


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