[don’t read if you haven’t watched the newest WGM]

I’m the type of person that eats everything meh first and then save the best for last. In terms of shows, We Got Married was what I liked to save for a day that I needed that extra cheer from the Pyuu Couple. This week, I opened the website expectedly, excited to see what the couple had in store this week but within the first 2 mins Sungjae announced that it was the last episode. Honestly, I was completely shocked. For the last few weeks everyone in the comments section was talking about how the couple will soon come to an end but I was completely in denial and thought that’ll never happen. So I was completely off guarded and I was so much more emotional than I expected.

The thing that made me loose all sense of control over my emotions, was what was not said aloud but what each of their eyes were saying. Although Sungjae didn’t shed a tear, you can see the sadness in his eyes and the tears that were threatening to come out. I literally only watch the Pyuu couple parts in WGM and only the others when I really don’t have anything else to watch. I think with the other couples, they have their own ideal of how a relationship should go, so they push their ideals into the relationship and force skinship and what not early on, cause that’s what they think a relationship should be. But with the Pyuu Couple they had no ‘ideals’ but they really got to know each other without having the pressure to have a faster developing relationship. They match each other so well. I can say, that if it wasn’t Joy that was matched with Sungjae, Sungjae could’ve been doomed and the relationship he would’ve been in wouldn’t have been this strong. Joy always accepts his jokes and plays with him as well. Just watching them brings a smile on your face, and the thought that they won’t be on anymore, gives me a sense of dread.

Without them, I’m not completely sure that I’ll continue watching WGM but I hope the best for both of them. I hope they at least remain best friends.


Only two words were needed to turn this drama into a must watch: Ji Sung. Seriously, after knowing he’s in it do you even need any other reason to watch this drama? I think not. Usually I don’t like watching on-air dramas due to the weekly wait but since Kill Me Heal Me, Ji Sung has had a hold on me.

Since the first episode there’s not a dull moment, the drama goes on event after event gluing your eyes with super glue to the screen and when you’re off guarded the writers throw at you a new lovable character. Just by the first episode the writers cast an infinite amount of hooks, that you, a innocent little fish, has no way of escaping, becoming hooked is simply inevitable.

Just like always, Ji Soo’s acting is amazing. He has the power to make me cry without me even knowing what I’m crying about. Every character in the drama has you in their palm with their interesting unknown history. The only character I don’t like is the main girl lead, I’m not sure whether it’s the writers fault or her acting, or a bit of both, but it seems as though every time she’s on screen she always goes over the top. Other than that, I find to fault in this drama and I’m sure it’ll be a success.





Singing competition reality shows have never had that hold on me like other shows. My mind wanders watching even one episode let alone bin watching. BUT! Today I have found one that’s got me under it’s spell and it’s ‘Fantastic Duo’.

Just by the concept it has me hooked. I love the concept. ‘Fantastic Duo’ is a show where famous singers get to sing a duo with regular people and are contended against one another. The people are chosen via an app where the famous singer sings a duo and you can record yourself singing with them.

What I love about the show is that it gives a sense of unity. It causes the whole country to come together by the love of music. You see young and old singing the same song and you see the effect the song has, how some songs are able to survive time just because it has a place in people’s hearts. I really think that this show is a gift to the famous guest singers as well as the people invited to sing as they can really see the love and sincerity that other have towards the song that they created. It also shows how there’s so many gems out there with amazing talent and gives a chance for people to sing with their favourite singers!! Imagine that.

Episode 1 already has amazingly famous and talented singers: Taeyang, Kim Bum Soo, Lim Chang Jung and Lee Sun-hee. The talent shown on this show has me wishing I could actually sing and has contributed to my playlist. I definitely recommend this show.

If you have any another shows, drama, whatever to recommend me please do. If you have watched the show I recommended please comment down below and we can fan girl/boy together. For reals guys. Dissssss show.