This weeks theme is mellow songs with meaningful lyrics. As always, the songs I’m recommending may not be new songs, but songs I came across and love.

[태연 TAEYEON] 비밀 Secret

The video and the soundcloud audio are two different songs. The video is the one I really am recommending, the soundcloud song is the one connected to the video song, which is also really nice

Whilst browsing Youtube I came along this amazing song. Before this I never listened to Taeyeon’s songs and I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing this song is. The song has two versions, one which was produced by SM Station, where SM artists collaborate with other artists to produce a new song each week, in this case Taeyeon collaborated with Rain. Apparently then released another the version that was made for her fans which sounds completely different. They both sound amazing. Unfortunately, the audio of the one I really love couldn’t be found on soundcloud, so I had to add a video, but please watch the video and  listen to it, it’s so unbelievably nice!

I remember the past days… Em…
Why did I hurt so badly… Yeah…
Memories that left me and faded recollections
Make me tired against this strange world

When did it start, within endless hardships
Suddenly your eyes
Whisper to me that ‘it’s okay’..

Then there’s you, at the end of my parched world
Oh it’s you, you’re the rain that wets it
For a long time deep inside my mind
Hidden these precious words
I love you, Oh, then there’s you

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[AMBER] Beautiful

The lyrics of this song is so well written, I tried to pick some of my favourite sentences but they’re all so good, basically copied the whole song.

Those hurtful words deeply cut into my heart
It hurt but I bit my tongue and endured
I know I’m gonna heal and I’m always looking up
Even if it’s dark, I’m gonna find the light
I will smile, I will keep smiling
I’m a fighter, I won’t ever give up

I can fly higher without fear, even when I’m trapped in darkness
Any kind of scar is beautiful to me
I’m just happy, I’m happy to be myself
I’m happy to be myself

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[EXO] 약속 Promise

As an EXO fan, when we’re talking about touching songs with meaningful lyrics there’s noway we can leave out EXO’s Promise. The song was written by EXO for EXO-L after going through a really tough patch together. I don’t think anyone, that’s an EXO fan, was able to listen to this song and not cry. I completely ugly sobbed, just re-reading the lyrics got me teary eyed. Reading the lyrics you can tell how personal the song is between the fans and EXO.

At some point, it seemed like you were crying
even when you were smiling
You couldn’t love me with a peaceful heart
And you longed for me as you remembered the memories
My heart ached for you

I couldn’t even comfort you, saying that it’ll get better,
that it’ll be forgotten
So I’m nervous again
I want to hold onto you and ask you not to leave

Even after time, I couldn’t say anything
and just swallowed my words
Words saying, I’m sorry, I love you,
please believe in me like you do now

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I just realized that all of this week’s song recommendations are sung by SM artists.

Last but not least, as an EXO fan I cannot miss out their new song released yesterday called Lotto. It has nothing to do with this weeks theme, but I can’t not mention it. To be honest when I just heard the audio, the song was okay but had a somewhat familiar feel to it, like early 2000s or something. Plus they use {somewhat tasteful} auto tune for this song (even though their voices are already amazing without it). But what I can tell you is that after listening to it two or three times, bro, this becomes your jam. I am addicted to this song, I keep on listening to it. You know those songs that make you weary in the beginning but nek minut it’s on loop and that’s the only song you listen to? Yeah, this is one of them.

I hope you enjoyed the songs I recommended, if you have recommendations for me comment below! I love listening to other songs.




Singing competition reality shows have never had that hold on me like other shows. My mind wanders watching even one episode let alone bin watching. BUT! Today I have found one that’s got me under it’s spell and it’s ‘Fantastic Duo’.

Just by the concept it has me hooked. I love the concept. ‘Fantastic Duo’ is a show where famous singers get to sing a duo with regular people and are contended against one another. The people are chosen via an app where the famous singer sings a duo and you can record yourself singing with them.

What I love about the show is that it gives a sense of unity. It causes the whole country to come together by the love of music. You see young and old singing the same song and you see the effect the song has, how some songs are able to survive time just because it has a place in people’s hearts. I really think that this show is a gift to the famous guest singers as well as the people invited to sing as they can really see the love and sincerity that other have towards the song that they created. It also shows how there’s so many gems out there with amazing talent and gives a chance for people to sing with their favourite singers!! Imagine that.

Episode 1 already has amazingly famous and talented singers: Taeyang, Kim Bum Soo, Lim Chang Jung and Lee Sun-hee. The talent shown on this show has me wishing I could actually sing and has contributed to my playlist. I definitely recommend this show.

If you have any another shows, drama, whatever to recommend me please do. If you have watched the show I recommended please comment down below and we can fan girl/boy together. For reals guys. Dissssss show.


Block B – It was Love, A Few Years Later, Toy

Block B Sweeps Online Music Charts With Title Track “Toy”

All these songs have the power to make you fall in love with it before anyone even utters a single sound and once they start singing, Lord have mercy. My favourite out of this album is definitely ‘It was Love’ this song made me fall in love with Block B whilst killing me at the same time.

Toy had me wrapped around its fingers within the first 10 seconds the lyrics perfectly illustrates the feeling we get when our crushes have us wrapped around their fingers and we’re fully in their control.

After listening to this Album I am definitely stanning Block B.

BTOB – Remember That

Update: BTOB Releases New Teasers for Comeback

The title track – Remember That is the perfect song to start your Spring with. Since BtoB made their comeback in March 28th I have been listening to this song non-stop. As always BtoB has voices that can melt anyone into a puddle of goo. The feeling the song gives completely  matches with the lyrics. It gives you a sad but hopeful feel, it’s like the fresh air you feel early in the morning that charges you up and gives you energy to look forward for today and tomorrow even though the past was hard.

At first when I heard it I didn’t think it was as good as their last title track ‘It’s Okay’ but nek minut I found myself replaying this song over and over again, I am full on addicted to it. I fully recommend their album, BtoB is in my opinion so underrated

Casker – 산(Mountain)

The first two, I’m sure you’ve already knew the songs or groups before I mentioned. Casker is a Korean indie group that made me love indie. The song makes you feel like you’re drifting through the air. Although this song is not new, I am totally obsessed and in love with it.

I hope you liked my song suggestions, if you have any for me, please comment down below, I am all ears!