[don’t read if you haven’t watched the newest WGM]

I’m the type of person that eats everything meh first and then save the best for last. In terms of shows, We Got Married was what I liked to save for a day that I needed that extra cheer from the Pyuu Couple. This week, I opened the website expectedly, excited to see what the couple had in store this week but within the first 2 mins Sungjae announced that it was the last episode. Honestly, I was completely shocked. For the last few weeks everyone in the comments section was talking about how the couple will soon come to an end but I was completely in denial and thought that’ll never happen. So I was completely off guarded and I was so much more emotional than I expected.

The thing that made me loose all sense of control over my emotions, was what was not said aloud but what each of their eyes were saying. Although Sungjae didn’t shed a tear, you can see the sadness in his eyes and the tears that were threatening to come out. I literally only watch the Pyuu couple parts in WGM and only the others when I really don’t have anything else to watch. I think with the other couples, they have their own ideal of how a relationship should go, so they push their ideals into the relationship and force skinship and what not early on, cause that’s what they think a relationship should be. But with the Pyuu Couple they had no ‘ideals’ but they really got to know each other without having the pressure to have a faster developing relationship. They match each other so well. I can say, that if it wasn’t Joy that was matched with Sungjae, Sungjae could’ve been doomed and the relationship he would’ve been in wouldn’t have been this strong. Joy always accepts his jokes and plays with him as well. Just watching them brings a smile on your face, and the thought that they won’t be on anymore, gives me a sense of dread.

Without them, I’m not completely sure that I’ll continue watching WGM but I hope the best for both of them. I hope they at least remain best friends.



As you sit there reading this, there’s a battle going on within you. Although you are oblivious to this battle, the result of it determines the health of your body and the length of your life.

The two tribes: antioxidants and free radicals have been at war since you were born. The free radicals are born with unpaired electrons and have committed themselves to a life of stealing electrons from parts of cells. Protein, DNA, cell membranes, etc are all helpless in their hands and losing their precious electrons causes them to not be able to function properly. You, yourself, may be the cause the free radical’s victory as the population of these bastards can be dependant on the food you eat, the air you breathe, etc. When you smoke, eat fried foods or even breathe bad air you’re giving the enemies an advantage.

In the action movies we watch, the good kills the bad for the overall good. But the antioxidants are even better than the good guys on screen. Rather than killing their enemies they donate their own electrons, neutralizing the free radicals causing them to lose their powers and become non-toxic cells.

So how can you help your little heroes out? By partaking the ‘elixir of life’, tea. Tea contains unique antioxidants called flavanoids and another additional hero: caffeine. It’s important that you know that the tea I’m talking about is: green, black, white, oolong, and pu-erh which are all derived from camellia sinensis and are reconsidered the ‘real’ tea. The additional hero, caffeine, blocks the enemy Adenosine allowing there to be an increase in the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters (dopamine & norepinephrine). Resulting an improvement of brain function, improving: mood, vigilance, reactions time and memory. Green tea also causes people to be less susceptible to neurological diseases (eg. Alzheimers) as it helps sustain the parts of the brain that regulates learning and memory. A combination move may be used to defeat the enemies whilst drinking green tea as it also contains L-theanine in addition to caffeine. L-theanine increases the activity of the neurotransmitter, GABA, which has anti-anxiety effects and increases dopamine and production of alpha waves in the brain. The combination of GABA and caffeine improves the brain function even more.

Other special powers of tea includes:

  • Being able to defeat (but not always effective) wild cancer cells: the flavanoids help support detoxification of potentially tissue damaging molecules.
  • When you decide to challenge a diet it helps increase your body’s ability to burn fat as well as increase your endurance level whilst exercising. It also increases your metabolic rate and keeps your waist circumference in check.
  • Lowers risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • Additional green tea powers:
    • Helps diabetics process sugars
    • Improves dental health by stopping the growth of streptococcus mutans which causes plaque formations and contributes to cavities and tooth decay
  • Black tea: has the highest concentration of caffeine
  • White tea: has the best anticancer properties

I would say tea is a strong supporter of the good guys, but warning, the more you repeatedly drink hot drinks the more you’re at risk of oesophageal cancer, so let your tea cool for a minute or two before drinking. Green tea bay also interfere with growth of bladder, breast, lungs, stomach and pancrease. But overall the benefits of tea greatly outweighs the risks.

So, as always I’ll like to leave some questions for you, which I’d love to hear the answers to in the comments section:

  • Do you drink tea often? After reading this article will you drink it more?
  • Is there anything in this article that surprised you or you found interesting? Eg. Whilst doing research for this article I was surprised to find out that only tea made out of camellia sinensis is considered ‘real’ tea and they’re the ones with the health benefits. Bye bye Chai tea (although it does contain black tea), hello green tea.

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Only two words were needed to turn this drama into a must watch: Ji Sung. Seriously, after knowing he’s in it do you even need any other reason to watch this drama? I think not. Usually I don’t like watching on-air dramas due to the weekly wait but since Kill Me Heal Me, Ji Sung has had a hold on me.

Since the first episode there’s not a dull moment, the drama goes on event after event gluing your eyes with super glue to the screen and when you’re off guarded the writers throw at you a new lovable character. Just by the first episode the writers cast an infinite amount of hooks, that you, a innocent little fish, has no way of escaping, becoming hooked is simply inevitable.

Just like always, Ji Soo’s acting is amazing. He has the power to make me cry without me even knowing what I’m crying about. Every character in the drama has you in their palm with their interesting unknown history. The only character I don’t like is the main girl lead, I’m not sure whether it’s the writers fault or her acting, or a bit of both, but it seems as though every time she’s on screen she always goes over the top. Other than that, I find to fault in this drama and I’m sure it’ll be a success.