Subject #5943615634

What happens when you combine a bundle of awkwardness, a bucket of social anxiety, a lifetime of time and a dash of estrogen? A 20 year old girl prone to obsessions.

For the benefit of science, I have donated myself as a subject, to make this blog, a guide book would you say, for the weird future scientists or current observers (aka you) that for some weird reason have a curiosity towards the resultant of the above formula.

This blog will be a log of both my obsessions and me trying the escape my ignorance.

For those who interested in the obsession side there will be posts to do with Korean drama, kpop, cosmetics, skincare products, reviews of shopping websites, healthy living etc. and for those interested in escaping ignorance with me there’ll be articles on all sorts of subjects whether it be science, religion or history. There will also be a daily post on new around the world plus new hallyu news.

Thank you for choosing my blog. I am your guide, Sophia. Please do not stray from me as we navigate through the subject’s mind as one wrong step may result in you being stuck in the Hunger Games obsession phase, fighting your way out. I hope you enjoy the tour, please like and follow.


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